Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blogger Round Up: Soccer, Weird Soccer, Just Weird

I mentioned earlier that I was unhappy with the US Squad sent down to the Copa Americas. Apparently, some (presumably tartish) friend of the most excellent Amanda of You'll Never Blog Alone said something similar. Amanda lays out her case why it made sense for the US to do what it did. She does so grudgingly. She blames someone named Footie Girl, which I'm going to assume is some filthy nickname she has for me, despite my American Maleness.

I grudgingly admit she has a point, except for this person: Danny Califf!

Moving from Soccer to Weird Soccer, we have our friend at The Beautiful Game, who dug up footage of Britney Spears back when she was hot, and when she could sing about something "burning inside me" without the obvious herpes jokes. It is soccer-related, it is dated, but I don't think it was ever shown on American shores. We've come to the realization that even our online blogging acquaitances are sick fucks with pop culture fixations. Worrisome, that, old bean.

From Weird Soccer, to just fucking odd, we'd like to point out that we've added some links--we've got some music links, and then some links we like to call "The Strange". The connection is the blog that used to be Bat-Girl, who we loved. One of our favorite things to be found at Bat-Girl was the Lego dioramas. Bat-Girl was always worried about current events, and thus her Lego works lacked a certain detail.

But via Neatorama, we see what someone can do if they have just one thing they want to capture in Lego. The result is either hearterning, or disturbing, depending on one's world view. No more what, it is impressive.

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