Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogger Round Up: Girlie Show

Leave the Man Alone, as would be expected, has opinions on the fashions on display at the S-Pees Award Show. LeBron had seven costume changes. No kidding.

This Suit Is Not Black reveals that Marcus Bent's stupid, trashy Page 3 girlfriend was dumped after she bragged about having sex with 50 Cent. Dear Ms. Danielle Lloyd: You are taking the bad boy thing too far. Your old boyfriend was a young man, and in 2 years, will be still making millions and millions of dollars. In that same time frame, 50 Cent will be hosting reality TV programming on MTV4. (Apparently 50 Cent has a big cock, though. Good for him! He should try nailing non Euro-trash.)

You'll Never Blog Alone, when not commenting on Dirty Copa America players, is pondering the Post Modern ESPN production of the Beckham's first game. She says "Better than a Donovan cam. " We agree.

The Dirty Tramps of Ladies... have your All Hottie Copa America team. No Americans, and 1 Mexican. Not only are the ladies not ladies, they are traitors. Also, no Tevez, which suggests that the Ladies do not see inner beauty.

Speaking of the Copa America, did you see Messi's goal in the Semis? Holy fucking shit. This is a chip for the ages. The Final, Argentina vs. Brazil is on Univision on Sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that in Arabic so that I can feel less guilty about reading this blog while at language school.

Muumuuman said...

How unamerica, especially for copa america. Now that's a finish - Taylor and Eddie take note on that shot.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Anonymous, everyone knows that anyone attempting to learn Arabic is either gay or a terrorist.

Which are you?

Do you hate America, or God?

Pick a side. We're at war.

Anonymous said...

Monkey, I hate bears! They will come to rape and pillage without remorse...