Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogger Round Up

It's been awhile since I've done one of these. I have my reasons, and I owe you nothing in terms of explanation.

Look at me, I'm playing the Dick Cheney Game. Fuck you!

On to the linkage, which will certainly result in us getting linked in kind, thus growing our base of readers beyond horny losers who end up because they Googled Vanessa Minillo (seriously-like 95% of our traffic right now is dudes looking to see who is fucking Nick Lachey. Lame.)

The Big Picture, dirty mansluts that they are, are looking for confirmation that we all still find Ice from American Gladiators attractive. We find this to be weird and incredibly dated. And also very fun. I'm willing to bet one of those assholes over there at the TBP ends up nailing Ice.

Over at A Price Above Bip Roberts, Ted is busy interviewing people about their prized sports memorabilia. Maybe he'll rememeber that we let him blog here, and ask us about our favorite sports possession. If not, we'll call Ted a dick. We're petty that way.

At Doberman on the Diamond, Kyle doesn't care for Rob Lowe making fun of his Cardinals. The post is living proof that even 20 years later, Rob Lowe will never run away completely from his misdeeds. Kyle--just because Rob boned a 17 year old back in the day doesn't make his rip on your team any less true. Your team stinks like poop.

The Fan's Attic is weighing in, somewhat belatedly on Beckham. But his point is sound--Beckham can neither sink nor save the MLS. I do think the lads there need to get some history on the Cosmos, though. We do tend to forget that for a glorious year or two, soccer was quite popular in the US--it only took Pele and Cruyff, and assorted other super stars to make it happen. And when they retired, the NASL collapsed. That's what we call an object lesson, folks.

Holy Shit! Rumors and Rants has a Big 10 College Football Preview! While we Minnesotans aren't happy with seeing ourselves 11th in the Big 10, I do have to thank R&R for not mentioning the whole Date Gang Rape thing. College boys, remember--passed out drunk does not count as assent. Also, here's a Red Flag: "We all fucked her--take your turn!" That's a red flag, assholes.

Speaking of the Big 10, The Postmen think the Big 10 is about to become 12. As they point out, there is already a Big 12. Maybe they could be The Middlin' 12, or The Big 10 + 2, or Big 12, Northland Edition.

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The Big Picture said...

figuring Ice was clean, I'd be delighted to nail her!