Friday, September 18, 2009

The Media Cares Way Too Much About Kerry Rhodes

NY Jets safety Kerry Rhodes said that he doesn't just want to beat the Patriots, he wants to embarrass them. Wants to make sure that a win can't be considered a lucky win. He didn't say the team was going to win, just what he wanted to do. So, what's the big fucking deal? I don't get why this is even considered trash talking. The media is going nuts over it. Rodney Harrison isn't cool with it, and Rodney Harrison was cool with anything more legal than sneaking a crowbar out onto the field. Rodney Harrison was a dirty fucker.

Kerry Rhodes wants to embarrass his competitor--what athlete, facing an opponent who has beaten them as many times as the Patriots have beaten the Jets in the Meadowlands, isn't thinking exactly that?

Here's a picture of Marcellus Wiley discussing the story. Whoever out there in the world who is daring Marcellus Wiley to wear crazy ass colors together--you win. Stop it now. Faded pink/peach + olive + some sort of yellow + electrical tape black stripes? Just stop. How Marcellus Wiley can dole out advice to anyone whilst wearing this is beyond me. Better than him showing off his nightmare fingers, though.

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