Friday, September 25, 2009

The Curse of Bobby Lane

Just a reminder to those suffering Lions fans out there:  

Once upon a time, you had the most electric, beautiful, balanced, broad-visioned and big-thighed running back of all time.  You went to the playoffs five times and won once.  Barry Sanders eventually offered millions of dollars to trade him to a team that wasn't cursed.  He instead retired, and otherwise would have the record for most rushing yards (fuck you E. Smith).

It's not your fault, Lions fans.  And good on you for still caring.  When (?) the Lions turn around, you will have the sweetest reward in all of professional football.  You deserve it.  

The curse of Bobby Lane, issued in 1958, gave them fifty years of losing.  They commemorated the anniversary by going 0-16.  Hit this link to "The Curse of Bobby Lane," it is jaw-dropping:  truly.  Perhaps it is time the curse starts lifting.

But the Lions aren't going to win on Sunday.  And all the pencil-necked nerds pushing their DVOAs  and all the Screaming Podjocks  who have publicly picked the Lions to beat the DC Skins:  shut yer festering gobshite.  

Sorry Lions.  This Sunday is our resurgence, not yours.  Next Sunday, Detroit goes to Chicago.  Now that's a proper winnable game.



Muumuuman said...

That's a lot of talk from a team that did not score a touchdown against the Rams. The Skins are going down my friend, simply because you didn't give me credit for informing you of the curse of bobby lane. Douchebag. Oh - Portis may be out.

Andrew Wice said...

Yeah, sorry -- I looked for your post to make a link and couldn't find it. I found your personal curse post and remind you that the weather is great in Dallas this time of year.

Late last night, after I posted this, a line from Macbeth haunted me ... 'Methinks the lady doth protest too much.'

Miwacar said...

What is it now, the curse of ADW, or Zorn, or Snyder or of a team that is either way too old at or way too inexperienced at almost all positions?