Thursday, September 03, 2009

All of Those Lefty Sports Writers Are A Curse!

via Deadspin, I see that National Review writer Jay Nordlinger has added a new category to his list of fictional liberals who annoy him:

A reader wrote me to say that he was sick of the intrusion of politics into the sports pages — hear, hear. Been singing this song forever. Those politics always — always — come from the left.

Nordlinger goes on to name zero sportswriters. I'd say if you say something like "always", and emphasize it through repetition, you should probably name one or two examples. Quick note to Mr. Nordlinger: mocking George Bush's stupidity, or even professing hatred for Bush doesn't make a writer a liberal--it puts that writer firmly with the most moderate cross-sections of the country.

I honestly have no idea who Nordlinger is talking about, but I'd love to learn more about the crazy lefty sportswriters that are so troublesome.

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