Tuesday, September 29, 2009

IDYFT Pick'em: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Atlanta was crushed by New England, leaving most of our contestants without points for Week Three.  There was a shutout last week, but it was the Giants-Bucs game.  One FG from Mangina's Poo Browns exempted them from a shutout but gives the coach good footing in the race to get fired.  Other coaches also made astounding progress in that regard on Sunday.

1.  Big BM:  9 points
2.  MMMan:  7 points (this week +4)
3.  Miwacar:  4 points
Barnyard:  4 points (this week +4)
4.  Adw:  3 points
Jess:  3 points
5.  leftnut:  0 points

This week's bonus question:  Giants, Vikes, Saints, Broncos, Jets, Ravens and Colts all remain undefeated.  Pick which team will lose first (+2) and which will remain undefeated the longest (+3).

Week Four
1. Your Shoe-in? +1/-3
2.  Suprise!  +3  Underdog list:  
Kansas Shitty, Rams, Oakland, Detroit
3.  Favorite Team win/Most Disliked lose +/-1
4.  Clash of the Titans  +/-2
Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Bonus Questions
5.  Which currently undefeated team will be the first to lose?  +2
6.  Which team will remain undefeated the longest? +3


Miwacar said...

when you say "lose first" what do you mean? GMT, for some of these teams will possibly be losing on the same day. Please clarify.

dvd said...

Saints and Broncos will fall. Surprize Rams, plus Minnesota beats GB ;-)

Muumuuman said...

1. New York Giants
2. Detroit
3. Detroit win
4. Vikings
5. Denver
6. Colts

Garwood B. Jones said...

1. Indy
2. Oakland
3. Vikings win
4. Vikings
5. NY Jets (technically they will lose before Denver as they play at noon)
6. New Orleans

Barnyard said...

1. colts
2. raiders
3. the mother fucking pack
4. the mother fucking pack
5. broncos
6. colts

Andrew Wice said...

Regarding the bonus question, "first" means which week ... doesn't matter if it's Sunday at 1 or Monday night. Multiple winners possible.

Andrew Wice said...

1. Giants
2. Detroit (better win this week too, fuckers)
3. sigh. DC Skins win
4. Packers win

5. Broncos lose first
6. Giants last longest

leftnut said...

1. Giants
2. Oakland
3. Pittsburg to lose
4. Vikings

5. Baltimore
6. Saints

Andrew Wice said...

Shit ... I can't rely on a mouth-breather like Eli for my three points. I'm changing my answer to number 5, and I think the Ravens have the best chance to go undefeated. All they have to do is beat the Patriots in Foxboro.

Miwacar said...

1. los Gigantes
2. Oaktown
3. Vikings Win
4. Vikings
5. Denver
6. MN (by beating Baltimore)

Jess said...

1. Giants
2. Detroit
3. Vikings lose.
4. Green Bay
5. Denver
6. New Orleans

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

1. Saints
2. Rams
3. Skins win?
4. Packers
5. Vikings
6. Ravens

(this is where I re-assert my dominance, bitches)