Monday, January 15, 2007

Other News in the NFL

Rejoice, Arizona Cardinal Fans, the Buzz Saw have hired Ken Whisenhunt! Let the Whisenhunt Era begin.

Whisenhunt is the now former offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he helped a very young QB win a Super Bowl (that's how the pundits are describing it).

Not to be a Downie Clownie, but Ken also had, at the time, one of the best defenses in the league, a young shockingily quick running back, coupled with a dependable, productive warhorse running back (Willie Parker and Jerome Bettis, respectively). With a somewhat less reliable quarterback, and with that warhorse running back in the Studio, the Steelers offense wasn't very impressive.

No doubt, Whisenhunt is being given the keys to a possibly dynamic offense, though they have a serious need at running back. Michael Turner may be available, Ken. Then you get your Willie Parker like back, your dependable warhorse in Edge, a young talented quarterback, and what may be the most talented wide receiver duo in the NFC. I mean, shit, anyone could run that offense!

The biggest question is--who's going to run that defense? Because, really--Ewww, Girl, EWWW.

Speaking of EWWW. Dear Pittsburgh Steelers:

Just because Chan Gailey was liked by your outgoing coach doesn't mean you have to hire Chan Gailey. It doesn't mean you have to interview him. Why are you interviewing Chan Gailey? He's been given a shot in the NFL as a head coach, and he was a definitive failure. Remember? He coached the Cowboys. He sucked. 18-14 in two years with Dallas did somehow translate into 2 post-season appearances, but really--you are the Pittsburgh fucking Steelers--you are interviewing a guy who is holding up an average of 9-7 as a success? Boo, Steelers, boo. Russ Grimm is much more your man.


Jerious Norwood said...

Shockingly quick? I love the picture of BBM sitting on his couch, mouth agape, in stunned disbelief over the quickness displayed by Willie Parker. Wow! Did you see how quick that guy is. Man, the Wiz is fucked now that he doesn't have that anymore. He's a good coach and all, but.... Sheez.

Badcock said...

I think AZ Cardinals fans would shit canned hams if their team managed to average 9-7 for two years in a row.

The most pressing need for the Cardinals is an offensive line. All that $$ tied up with WRs, RB and QB yet they underperform.

Wee Willie Parker is impressively quick and strong, a la Warrick Dunn. But he's no LaDanian Tomlinson. No one is.

LButler36 said...

This has to be the leading sports blog in Mr. Show references

Big Blue Monkey said...

Damn right. We're putting that quote in our publicity materials.

Except that it will read, "The Leading Sports Blog..."

LButler36 said...

Also the steelers had a very good o-line. In arizona? not so much