Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Blogger on the Blogroll

He didn't know he was from my home town, the mean streets of Falls Church of Virginia. The FC, bitch!

He threw my post about the Beckham Rule on some lame ass BigSoccer thread, but that's OK

We rock the FC, tight, and I've been exposed to an audience who thinks that if you criticize the MLS, you have an anti-MLS bias. Which is akin to pointing at a retarded puppy, that keeps running into the glass door, and saying, "Man, that puppy is stupid", and then being accused of having a bias against retarded puppies. Umm, that puppy is retarded, whether I have a bias or not.

In any case, everyone, let's welcome Scarlet and Gray Matter. Make them feel at home.


Badcock said...

Oh sure, we'll make them feel at home.

Hey, your mother is a chiropodist, and she takes cash!

Jerious Norwood said...

BBM, I didn't understand a word of your latest entry.

LButler36 said...

So does everybody that reads the site get to become a writer? Where is my invite?

Aaron Stollar said...

Thank you for the kind welcome. I actually agree with your post. I was just curious what "the kids on the playground" thought of it.

Mad Props to the FC