Friday, December 21, 2007

Yay!! Kitna to return in 2008! Yay!

Mike Martz has anounced that Kitna will remain the starting quarterback for the Lions for the remainder of this season and for 2008. I, and all other Lions fans are thrilled!

I mean why not? Look how this fella carries a TV! And Kitna, in his 11 years in the NFL has never done better than 8-8. His over all win-loss I'd estimate at about 30-60 as a starter in the NFL. I know previously Norwood blamed one Mike Martz, but the Martz does have a pair of Superbowl appearences. His loyalty to Kitna kind of confuses me. I don't think Kitna has to take a 7 step drop everytime. When good QBs see a blitz coming they may audible to a slant or something of that nature, but not Kitna. Sack or INT. Kitna has been and will be day or night - either he looks fantastic (poor defense can't put pressure on a 7 step drop) or horrific (defense can and does pressure him). I'm not saying replacing Kitna would be an automatic cure, but I think what Seattle and Cincinatti did with Kitna was a good use of him - Palmer and Hasselbeck turned out to be pretty good QBs. Lions, draft a QB next year, please.


Lucy Rhode said...

He's different looking.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Muumuuman--are you suggesting that Jon Kitna is the Good Luck Chuck of the NFL?

Oh, that movie! So full of truth to apply elsewhere in life. Thank you, Dane Cook.

Kitna has God on his side. The difference you are seeing Lucy Rhose, is a man who God will heal from a concussion in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

Mike Martz doesn't Love God, but he does Fear It. Hence the decision.

Andrew Wice said...

Wait a minute, I thought Kitna guaranteed ten wins this year for the Lions?

Muumuuman said...

By wins, he meant losses.

Andrew Wice said...

Ooh, that's very clever: misdirection.