Sunday, December 02, 2007

IDYFT Cup: Green Baby Packers Win!

Congratulations to Wisconsin, Barnyard, and all of the bandwagon beauties cheering for the Green Baby Packers, winner of the First Annual IDYFT Cup. There can be no denying, they are the best quality team which I dislike on this blog.

Although the Pack must defend their undefeated status, no IDYFT team can catch them. Now the fight is for second place, and it is heating up like Jiffy-pop. Jiffy-pop smothered in sour, rancid fudge.

IDYFT Cup Standings
1. GREEN BAY PACKERS +4 (remaining games: Oaktown, Detroit)
2. Washington Redskins 0 (remaining game: Minnesota)
3. Minnesota Vikings -1 (remaining game: Washington)
4. Detroit Lions -1 (remaining game: Green Bay)
5. Oakland Raiders -2 (remaining game: Green Bay)

tie-breaker criteria: head-to-head, point differential in IDYFT games.

why anyone might care: this will establish a hierarchy of smack-talking that will guide us through to the 2008 season, when the NFL might matter to us again.

Until then, let's enjoy watching Pack fans celebrate their well-earned trophy.


Muumuuman said...

Remember when you had to run the mile in Gym class? The Detroit lions are the semi-fat kid who talked up like they were gonna kick everyones ass, took off from the starting line at a full sprint, then dropped faster than a fifty cent whore on the second lap and finished dead last.

Andrew Wice said...

I think the Redskins are like the kid who ran a half lap and then snuck into the woods to smoke.