Friday, December 07, 2007

We're Number 7 for Fun!

Business Journal ranked 50 urban areas for "Fun" and the Twin Cities placed Number Seven.

One of the secrets of our success? All the gambling!

So suck on that, Pennsylvania cities and Providence. And we're coming for ya, Seattle.


Jess said...

Wait, there's fun to be had in Minneapolis? Why hasn't anyone told me?

Andrew Wice said...

A cabbie in San Francisco once pointed out to me that people in Mpls say they're from Mpls, but people from St. Paul say they're from the Twin Cities.

Just saying, I don't remember too much "fun" in St. Paul proper, except for that lesbian bar (the Metro?) that served the Elvira beer and had free pool, where the contributor known as Jerious Norwood would religiously play Guns n' Roses "One in a million" with endearing perversity.

Jess said...

I've heard about Club Metro from Big Blue Monkey and a couple of my gays. I'm still confused as to how it relates, if at all, to the Town House.

The only St. Paul bar I ever spent any time at in college was Lyon's Pub/Wild Onion.

Lucy Rhode said...

Big BM does enjoy talking about his favorite girl bar.

Andrew Wice said...

That's where he picks up his hairstyle tips.

Ooh, snap!

Lucy Rhode said...

It works for him. The man is beautiful. He's got flair -- verbal and sartorial.