Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Thrilling Finish in an Empty Room

The Timberwolves fell to the Atlanta Hawks on a last-second shot. It was a game that featured two teams that aren't going anywhere this year, but also featured comebacks, some exciting young players establishing their game (Corey Brewer, on an off shooting night, was fucking everywhere on the court--grabbing offensive rebounds, throwing interior bounce passes for easy lay-ups, etc), and a game in flux until the final buzzer.

But for the Hawks, it must have been like have a spectacularly good orgasm whilst masturbating. That arena was fucking empty. No one was there. The announced attendance was a fucking joke--12,000. Counting sold tickets has officially become the most ridiculous way to count heads ever. Especially when there are so few people that you could literally count heads. I'm pretty sure I played in front of more people during a particularly important high school soccer game. I know for a fact that I've competed in Track & Field events in front of more people than were in the Atlanta arena. I've never seen anything like it. The upper deck was basically empty; the bottom tier had little groups of people--they stood out in relief against the ocean of empty seats.

So how are the Atlanta Hawks still a viable franchise? I haven't a clue. They need to clone Mookie Blaylock and Dominique, and build their own team of supermen. That's the only thing that's going to get asses in the seats in a shitty sports town like Atlanta.

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