Sunday, December 02, 2007

Redskins Surrender: Mind, Body & Spirit

Mind: the head coach deserves to be stripped of his Hall of Fame membership after calling two consecutive timeouts in a pathetic attempt to Cheezy-Freeze a 51 yard field goal. Fuck you, idiot.

Body: the offensive line got their assholes caved in. The QB was under constant pressure, resulting in a fumble, INT and 3 sacks. The RB averaged 2 yards per carry. All this against the 31st-ranked defense in the league. Fuck you, pussies.

Spirit: the defense honored the memory of Sean Taylor by surrendering yet another lead in the fourth quarter. This time it was to a shitty rookie QB and the 31st-ranked offense in the league. Fuck you, quitters.


Jerious Norwood said...

Hey man, at least they have a very easy out for the rest of the season. No one would blame them... though I think you could have done more as a fan.

Lucy Rhode said...

Somebody needs a hug or maybe some drugs. Sorry to all the Washington men on this site.

And thank the lord that Pitt showed up this week.

Jerious Norwood said...
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Andrew Wice said...

I might feel better if I get enough hugs, drugs and jugs.

Jerious Norwood said...

At least there is competent, stability at the top. Maybe the million dollar coach in charge of wiping the Hall of Famer's bottom can keep track of just one more thing...


The Washington Redskins sent out just 10 players on their starting defense yesterday as a tribute to safety Sean Taylor, who died Tuesday.

It was a nice gesture on the part of the Redskins, although some people will no doubt question whether it was a wise move, especially after Bills running back Fred Jackson got loose around the end for 22 yards. And even more people will question whether it was handled properly, given today's reports that head coach Joe Gibbs knew nothing about it.

David Elfin of the Washington Times reports that Redskins assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams made the plan in a defensive players' meeting, and that Gibbs was "obviously unhappy" that he wasn't informed of it.

"I think Gregg said something about telling me about that," Gibbs said, per Elfin. "It's probably better for me and him to talk about it before I really comment on it."

It's shocking that Gibbs wouldn't know about this planned tribute, which has been rumored since the day Taylor died, when Dan Benton of FanHouse reported it. Fox confirmed the plan on its pregame show, a few minutes before the game.

For Williams' part, he said the defense was proud to recognize Taylor during the game.

"It was pretty much a unanimous choice from the defensive staff and the defensive players," Williams said. "It was nice to see. We got to our business after that."

We'll leave it to those who knew Taylor to determine whether this was a fitting tribute to him. But it's a tribute that the head coach should have known about.

Andrew Wice said...

Apparently, someone needs to explain the difference between "literal" and "symbolic" to Coach Williams.

The idea of "symbolically" starting ten on defense is a nice.

Unfortunately, they "literally" started ten on defense.