Friday, December 14, 2007

Adam Everett a Twin

The Twins decided somewhere along the way that a shortstop at shortstop is better than a 3rd baseman at shortstop, and signed recently expendable (for the Astros) Adam Everett.

Anyone who thought the Twins were going to go out and find some big hitter to play shortstop in the quick infield of the Metrodome were sadly mistaken. The Twins want and need offense, sure; just as certainly, Adam Everett will not provide that offense.

But as Aaron Gleeman shows, in scary detail, with statistics I'm not sure I've heard of, that Adam Everett, when healthy, is one of the best defensive infielders in the game. Fans may grumble and moan (I know I will) when Everett hits under .250, but I'll also cheer everytime he gets to a ball that should have gotten by him. I will not cheer every time he doesn't make an error, but I will turn to whoever I'm watching the game with and say, "Bartlett might have coughed that one up."

Welcome aboard, Adam Everett! Is it too late for you to get some of that HGH stuff I've heard murmurings about?


Jess said...

"Bartlett might have coughed that one up."

But will you say that if you're watching the game by yourself?

Big Blue Monkey said...

More than likely, yes. I do like to talk to myself. I find me very entertaining.

Jess said...

When you talk to yourself is it the most intelligent conversation you've had all day?