Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blogger Round Up: Solstice Edition

For those of you who live further South, the solstice may not mean much to you. But to Minnesotans (and those who live further north) it is a big deal. The days start getting longer--I think its about 3 minutes a day. Which doesn't sound like much, until you start thinking in terms of weeks--21 minutes a week? That's a huge deal! The sun won't be setting at 4:15 next week! Hurray! To celebrate, a blogger round-up, despite the rather minimal activity at some of our favorite go-to blogs.

Others have stepped up nicely. 10000 Takes has stepped into the reporting on the Timberwolves that no one wants to do. Undaunted, our fellow Wolf lover has undertaken Operation Hang Ten, in which they chart the Wolves attempt to get 10 wins. We love the Wolves, too, and we do write about them, but we do turn off the game when they are down 40-20 to the Pacers. To their credit, 10000 Takes did not, and thus witnessed Sebastian Telfair's crazy ass game. They call it arguably the best single game performance of any Timberwolf point guard in the history of the franchise. We'd like to argue against that, because it just seems wrong. But we aren't sure we can, without doing a lot of research. Research is for jerks.

Pacifist Viking thinks E.J. Henderson should be Pro Bowl bound. I'm not a Viking fan, and I never will be, so I'll let this idea pass to you unqualified by me. What I will say that a rather one-note offense, and an extremely one-note defense already got more players to the Pro Bowl than they deserved.

Benjamin Polk over at the City Pages BALLS! blog has more thoughts on the inprobable come from behind win the Wolves had over the Pacers. He too, sings the praises of Sebastian Telfair.
He also spends some time discussing the problem of Gerald Green--how one little foul can seem to erode the confidence of a guy who has been hitting big shots all game. We presume he will grow out of that.

The Ladies have come, rather belatedly, to the realization that Jason Elam has written a book. It makes us wonder if they ever read us at all. We aren't going to cry about it, though. Rather, we aren't going to cry anymore about it. Stiff upper lip and all that, right old boy?

The Baker at Rumors and Rants admits to living in Indiana for seven years and never once watching Hoosiers all the way through. We'd say the bigger crime is being alive for at least (presumably) 21 years and never watching Hoosiers. What's wrong with The Baker? Why does he hate Everything Good? He never explains. Screw you, The Baker. We hope you run the picket fence, and get caught watching the paint dry.

Finally, The Postmen have themselves a very telling graphic that tells you everything you need to know about the kind of jerks who live in Michigan. Everyone we know who lives in Michigan are jerks, but I didn't assume them to be representative of the state as a whole. I guess I should have.

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Jerious Norwood said...

Speaking as a man who splits time between the great states of Mississippi and Georgia, I must say that I think your unprovoked attack upon the state of Michigan is wholly unwarranted. As you can probably tell, I tend to fancy the laid back attitude and the lax enforcement of civil rights that one can find in the former Confederate states. But from what I hear, Michigan's penchant for vacuous libertarian ideology and commitment to defund most important aspects of the state's social infrastructure, has it on a righteous path towards honorary Dixie status.