Monday, December 17, 2007

The New Mexican Nightmare: Dos Santos

Much like Lou Dobbs, I hate Mexicans. Not because they come to the States and steal my meat-packing job--I've got no problem with that. You wanna hose out pig skulls for 8 bucks an hour--more power to you. I hate Mexicans because they love, for some reason, the Mexican National Soccer Team.

The Mexican Soccer Team has been full of guys full of themselves for awhile. Aged veterans who think they should be allowed to win just because they are legends in Mexico. Blanco, Hernadez, Borgetti, etc. They showed up and just expected to beat the US, and got pissy when they didn't. But there is a new generation of Mexican players coming up, and I'm a bit worried about what the US Men's team is going to be facing in future competition.

In the Copa America earlier this year, Mexico brought some young guns who seemed kind of scary, possibly none more worrying than Castillo, who I likened to a time traveling, quick stepping Claudio Reyna with an ability to finish. Case in point? Here.

But even more worrying is the young Mexican winger now gaining experience in Barcelona. I watched the Champions League match of Barcelona vs. Stuttgart. Neither team had anything to play for--Barcelona was in to the next round; Stuttgart was going home regardless of the result. So Barcelona played most of their starters, but they also unleashed a young, young (18 years old) Giovanni Dos Santos (which translates to Johnny Two Santas).

I won't reveal the result here, because Miwacar hasn't watched the game yet, but you can click on the link to get the final score. Dos Santos was a a factor, and the entire time I watched him, I wondered, "How will the US defend this kid? " I still don't know the answer.

Watch this clip. Watch the cut, and the snap of the ball. Dos Santos is only 18, and he sometimes looks his age. Other times, he looks unstoppable. I'm terrified of this kid. Is the US defense well known for its organization and speed? No? Shit. Watch out. Mexico might actually win on US soil in 2008.

Warning: The following clip has annoying music in it. Turn your speakers down.


The Editor said...

Fuck mexico

Anonymous said...

No, pendejo.

It is you who will be fucked.

Muumuuman said...

All the US defender has to do is continuously chant that mexican hat dance song: "Dada dadada dadada dada da da dadadadadada....." and if that doesn't rattle the youngster say something crass about his tia or hermana. Worked against Zindane.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Zidane was and is physically intimidating and liked getting in scraps. Dos Santos is more in the Beasley mold, except fearless when it comes to challenging defenders, and without the torn knee.

I tell you people, I'm a little worried about the youth movement in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Just wait a couple years, they'll all cross the border to find work.

Anonymous said...

dude why didn't you warn me about the music on that highlight video?

Big Blue Monkey said...

Sorry, man. I never watched it with the sound on. I'll put a warning in now.

dannyp said...

The U.S. - Mexico games are going to become some of the world's best in the next five - six years.

They've got Castillo, Dos Santos, Ochoa and we've got Freddy, Jozy, MiniBob, Edu and more in the wings.

We're going to play through the middle, they're going to go down the wings.

And all the games should be exciting. I'm looking forward to it.

Dos a cero. *clap clap clapclapclap*

James said...

I love how Rijkaard turns to his assistants after the goal and very calmly seems to be saying, "See, just like I drew up. Beat the first man toward the corner with your speed and when the help defender comes, just flick it between them with an absolutely perfect touch and use your unnatural speed to beat two men to the ball. Don't forget to place the shot in the only 14-inch hole available from that ridiculous angle. It's easy. Let's teach Puyol how to do it."

Good lord. I'd only heard about his reputation but hadn't seen him in action yet. I suggest Bradley use the "hard kicking" defense against him.

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to see a soccer post in America which acknowledges soccer outside of the shitty EPL (Seriously, they speak the same language as us, that doesn't change the fact that it's rubbish outside the top four).

However, it's pathetic to see a comparison between Castillo and Reyna and to read "The U.S. - Mexico games are going to become some of the world's best in the next five - six years."

Seriously, you guys should be better then that.

Anonymous said...

Being a Barca fan I've seen this kid play a bunch. He's finally made it to the 1st team and was really impressive in the preseason. Now with their injuries he's had a good chance to play. Although he is a bit selfish at times he has incredible potential. When Messi came out injured in the CL last week Gio came in and was like a clone of the Argentinian...only not quite as good, obviously. He's got a ton of talent and skill at such a young age and even though I'm always rooting for the US I'll be secretly hoping for him to do well.

Big Blue Monkey said...

I would have thought that the Castillo/Reyna comparison was a bit of a joke, and I don't think the post should be judged based on what is written in the comments section. Other than that, anonymous critic, you've got a good point there.

Big Blue Monkey said...

James, I do believe you are describing the Bocanegra Gambit. Hit hard and hope for the best.

Brian said...

We'll still beat them at home and they'll still beat us there.

Big Blue Monkey said...

I was reading the last anonymous comment about Dos Santos being a not quite as good clone of Lionel Messi. Which I think it is quite accurate.

But then I remembered something. We now talk about Messi as if he's some savvy veteran. Dos Santos is a young Messi.

Messi is fucking 20 years old. He could probably gain about 25 pounds of muscle and not lose a step for the next 8 years. Any team not quaking at the Messi/Tevez front line is either delusional or lying.

Dos Santos and Neri Castillo will probably the most dangerous tandem that CONCACAF has ever produced. (apologies to Brian McBride and that other guy he got paired up with).