Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Knee Bone's Connected to the Ankle Bone: UPDATE

Two minor training camp injuries have juiced up my schadenfreude to mid-season levels.

Already-hated Cowgirl Dez Bryant has a high ankle strain, which is a significant tearing of ligaments that sometimes requires surgery. The rookie is expected to miss 4-6 weeks: all of training camp. Gonna blame the media for this, too? Might as well: the owner is already blaming the coach!

And Fatty Albert Haynesworth was unable to fail his third conditioning test today because of swelling in his knee. Yeah, he really is in great football shape. Hopefully his knee will be well enough for him to fail the conditioning test tomorrow. I'm just glad that Albert is the punchline, not my whole team like last year.

Check this: DE Philip Daniels says “[Albert] looks good. You can tell he’s in way better shape than last year." This is way better? Yikes.

SUNDAY UPDATE: On Sunday, Fatty was again held back from attempting the conditioning test by swelling in his knee. Hopefully it's just his ego getting rendered and dripping down. See you in Oakland, Fatty!

Finally, a major ACL injury to Baltimore Ravens CB Foxworth will keep him out for the year. The Ravens, despite their great balance, are injury-depleted in the secondary. Losing a starting CB will further retard their playoff potential. This is the first significant injury of the 2010 season. Hopefully there won't be many more ... except for assholes!

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