Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 NFL Preview: AFC East

AFC East is a strong division with a difficult schedule versus NFC North and AFC North.

New York Jets offense is expected to air the ball out more; they had by far the lowest number of pass attempts. The line is strong and deep but built to run-block. WR character issues and QB development will pace this unit. B+

New York Jets defense is the best in the league in points & yards. They have no weakness, and passing against them is a fool’s errand. The return of beefy NT Jenkins makes them even more dominant. A

New York Jets special teams are in transition and full of question marks. Unless this unit gets settled, it will be a heavy anchor on this team. C+

New York Jets overall are well-coached and hungry for more after a provocative trip to the AFC title game. They hit hard and will scrap for 60 minutes. Final Grade: A-

New England Patriots offense will always be dangerous through the air and the line could be the team’s best since their Superbowl run. Rushing lags behind, and they don’t seem confident in it. A-

New England Patriots defense is smart and control the clock, but age is making their run defense vulnerable. They don’t have a pass rush any more. B+

New England Patriots special teams are a bit short-handed. They aren’t capable of changing games on their own. C+

New England Patriots overall may struggle a bit during the season, but coaching and veteran leadership will make them frightening if they make the playoffs. Final Grade: B+

Miami Dolphins offense is low-wattage and the “Wildcat” is losing its new-car smell. A developing line will continue to open holes for a stable of hard-used RBs. The passing game is poised to take a step forward. B

Miami Dolphins defense was not impressive but they did get after the passer well. Major changes all over the defense make it hard to know what to expect. B-

Miami Dolphins special teams were not especially good before they traded away their explosive returner. C-

Miami Dolphins overall will be competitive and squeak out a few close wins. They are still a step behind the division leaders, but play hard. Final Grade: B-

Buffalo Bills offense is a yawn. That they were able to run the ball is impressive, because their line and passing game are third-rate. They were dead last in the red zone and third down conversions. D+

Buffalo Bills defense is so soft versus the run, nobody challenges their decent secondary. Changing to a 3-4 without proper personnel will make things worse. D+

Buffalo Bills special teams are inexplicably good, but they lost their coach. A-

Buffalo Bills overall are going nowhere, and their head-coaching position is like the waiting room to hell. Final Grade: C-

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