Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 NFL Preview: NFC West

NFC West is a bad division with a mixed schedule versus NFC South and AFC West.

San Francisco 49ers offense is unbalanced. The running game has produced some yards despite injuries, but the passing is simply third-rate. A young offensive line has potential, but first downs will still be hard to come by. C-

San Francisco 49ers defense is the team’s strength, and it owes its character to Coach Singletary. However, they can get stung through the air. The pass rush is almost there. B+

San Francisco 49ers special teams coverage is good and WR Ginn, Jr. could be a valuable addition. This should be a strong unit, barring injury. B+

San Francisco 49ers overall are good enough to win in their watered-down division, but they still lack the offense to advance in the playoffs. Final Grade: B

Arizona Cardinals offense will be a shadow of its former self. Expect more reliance on the run game, with limited success. Frustration will abound. C

Arizona Cardinals defense actually lost more veteran leadership than the offense. They will be even more vulnerable against the run, especially up the middle. They have a decent pass rush. C-

Arizona Cardinals special teams are good on kicks but poor on punts. They’re going to need a lot of FG’s from K Feeley. B

Arizona Cardinals overall are poised to tumble. How low will depend on coaching and QB development. Final Grade: C+

St. Louis Rams offense will continue to ride RB Jackson until he finally breaks. A rookie QB and a paucity of WR talent will limit them all season long. They don’t have the best line for power-running, and the team ranked dead last in scoring. D+

St. Louis Rams defense has no playmakers: the backfield intercepted zero passes in 2009. They give up a ton of first downs by ground and air. They have no pass rush. D

St. Louis Rams special teams are the strongest unit; they are solid in every category, yet allowed several return TDs. B+

St. Louis Rams overall are an under-talented team with a lot of growing up to do. Final Grade: C-

Seattle Seahawks offense is strong with RBs but the ramshackle line is a problem. The passing game can be shut down easily, and they turn the ball over with haste. They especially struggle in the red zone. C-

Seattle Seahawks defense can’t stop the pass. Injuries and total lack of a pass rush will continue to dog them. They can’t match up against good WRs. C-

Seattle Seahawks special teams have a good P and K, but can’t cover or return anything. C-

Seattle Seahawks overall are poorly managed and their new coach is of a low character. Things are going to get worse here before they get better. Final Grade: C-

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