Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye Ramon and Ryan - We (Really) Hardly Knew Thee

As the national press is getting closer and closer to hiring a former FBI profiler to explain what the hell David Kahn is up too, he threw a new wrinkle into the mix yesterday, adding even more consternation from the folks who get paid to understand this shit.

I think, previously, there may have been an unspoken (or, hell, spoken) belief that Kahn was doing his best to rid the Wolves roster of any player that had been acquired in the McHale era--and he's come close, too.  The only players of note left are Corey Brewer and Kevin Love.

But two of the players Kahn acquired himself last year are now out the door--Ramon Sessions and Ryan Hollins have been bid adieu, in favor of more cap-space, in the personages of Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair.  Which is fine, but I'm not going to lie--I've been cautiously optimistic that Kahn has had a plan in place, and maybe part of that plan is to just rotate players in and out until he finds a set-up he likes.  If he can continue to do it, and still cut space under the cap, and leave more room for that biggish Free Agent signing, great.  But as  the amount of money spent continues to shrink, I find myself pondering something Wolves writer Jerry Zgoda wrote a little while back:

Either he was hired by Glen Taylor and Rob Moor in May 2009 as a cost-cutting beancounter whose main job was to slash payroll and either make the team less of a money loser and perhaps a candidate for sale somewhere down the road.
He's a salary-cap savant aiming at making a ginormous splash and on the verge sometime in the next year of putting the team on the fast track to respectability.
I still think Kahn is looking to the future, and looking to build, not help sell this team.  But part of the frustration from the national press, local press, and yes, even for us lowly bloggin' fans, is that Kahn, who will talk about absolutely everything under the sun, hasn't really discussed what his strategy is.  If he's looking to strip the team to aid the sale, I understand not saying that publicly.  If he's got a free agent in mind that he's about to go after, I understand not wanting to proclaim that, too.  But I'm ready to find out, sooner rather than later, down which path our fearless leader is taking us.  
I still think he's earned a little benefit of the doubt, simply because he hasn't made a deal as mind-numbingly stupid as any of McHale's Top Ten (at least) Worst Moves.  Until he proves he's worse, he's an improvement, and hopefully, he's got something in mind.  But I'm getting antsy.  


Andrew Wice said...

The Wolves will be fine next year. They still have Garnett, after all.

a云c2v吳c9f8文sagd1 said...

Subtlety is better than force. ............................................................

Andrew Wice said...

Bullshit, you pussy!