Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 NFL Preview: NFC East

NFC East is a falling division with a very difficult schedule versus NFC North and AFC South.

Dallas Cowboys offense is potent but the talented WR corps could implode. The running game will be a constant threat. The line will give up more sacks this year and penalties are a problem. B+

Dallas Cowboys defense is dangerous and does not give up points. They excel versus the run and rushing the passer. Their defensive backfield is vulnerable in the red zone. A

Dallas Cowboys special teams have major question marks at kicker and kick returner. They are strong in punting and returning punts. B-

Dallas Cowboys overall will again be regular season monsters, but simply lack the character to win in the playoffs. Final Grade: B+

Philadelphia Eagles offense is drastically different and could struggle despite great young talent. The gamble on unproven QB Kolb could cost Reid his job. They’re thinking “Aaron Rodgers” but I’m thinking “Scott Mitchell.” C-

Philadelphia Eagles defense can still mount a pass rush and stuff the run, but penalties and trouble around the goal line could be a concern. Gambling safety play resulted in a lot of INTs but also TDs. B+

Philadelphia Eagles special teams can punt and return punts well, but kickoff and kick return are shoddy. K Akers and PR Jackson are standouts. B+

Philadelphia Eagles overall should be nervous. They’ve never appreciated what they had in McNabb and are going all-in with an unknown at QB. Final Grade: B-

Washington Redskins offense is a fading all-star roster bolted onto the chassis of an offensive line which is a year away from being good. C+

Washington Redskins defense got fixed, even though it wasn’t broken. It remains talented, but the league leader in both the red zone and 4th down percentage will likely slip out of their perennial top-ten ranking. B

Washington Redskins special teams covered very well but don’t swing games. Yet again, they’ll be relying on castoffs for P, K, PR and KR. C-

Washington Redskins overall are starting over from scratch, but can hardly be considered “rebuilding” with the oldest roster in the NFL. It will take a couple years before this team can really contend. Does their owner have the patience? Final Grade: C+

New York Giants offense is dangerous but the running game fell apart. The line is no longer the dominant group it was. Fumbling was a consistent problem. B+

New York Giants defense plummeted rapidly and were dead last defending the red zone. They gave up penalties and a whopping 27 points per game. The talented line must rebound or weakness at LB will be exploited. D+

New York Giants special teams are poor in almost every category. They’ve neglected this unit to their peril. D

New York Giants overall can score points quickly, but the defense and special teams rusted like cheap trombones. Final Grade: C-

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Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Really really wish I could argue against the C+ for the Drunken Savages. I will say that Santana Moss still has an extra gear, and speedy receivers in Philly did pretty well last year. Might we, finally, use the whole field?