Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 NFL Preview: NFC North

NFC North is an improved division with a difficult schedule versus NFC East and AFC East.

Minnesota Vikings offense has great skill players, but problems protecting the ball when it matters most could remain a nightmare. The line is becoming more limited but dynamic playmakers should continue to convert third downs and TDs. A-

Minnesota Vikings defense boasts a fierce pass rush and stuffs the run with extreme prejudice. However, the defensive backfield has depth concerns. They're tough in the red zone. A-

Minnesota Vikings special teams have improved to become decent, but they need to find a PR. B+

Minnesota Vikings overall have a strong team, and must realize that this is their last, best chance. They could make a deep run in the playoffs. Final Grade: A-

Green Bay Packers have a balanced offense that protects the ball and can score. The line usually gets the job done but gave up a jaw-dropping 51 sacks, worst in the league. B+

Green Bay Packers defense had the most takeaways in the NFL and didn’t give up many yards. However, they really struggled to defend the red zone. B+

Green Bay Packers special teams are in absolute disarray. D+

Green Bay Packers overall are over-rated by most sportsjacks. They crushed their easy schedule but struggled to beat teams with winning records. They committed the most penalties in the NFL. Final Grade: B

Chicago Bears offense lacks playmakers, which resulted in steaming loads of interceptions. The line can’t open holes and QB Cutler faced steady pressure. C-

Chicago Bears defense is hoping that a transfusion of talent will revitalize them. They were flattened on the ground, especially in the red zone. Their playmakers are old and injuries should continue to mount. B-

Chicago Bears special teams are very good in nearly every phase. A-

Chicago Bears overall took so long to get a quarterback that the defense got old like mold. The window has closed for this team. Final Grade: C

Detroit Lions offense just sucks. Their shoddy line leaves them unable to run or protect the passer. D

Detroit Lions defense added some free agent talent, but the backfield is atrocious. Still one of the league’s absolute worst defenses. D

Detroit Lions special teams are bad. Even their longtime kicker is fading. D

Detroit Lions overall are the personification of Detroit as a city. Final Grade: D


偉軍 said...

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Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I'm assuming that's a burn on the Vikings.

Andrew Wice said...

As you know, most dildos are exported from Asia.

Muumuuman said...

The Lions graciously accept your generous grade of "D". It's an improvement from 0-16, which I think is an F.

Andrew Wice said...

But of course, after their 0-16 2008 the Lions posted an improved 2-14 for 2009. Hot stuff.

They beat Washington to break their losing streak. In case you're playing along at home.