Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 NFL Preview: AFC West

AFC West is a very weak division and plays a mixed schedule versus NFC West & AFC South (win %: .469)

San Diego Chargers offense is explosive through the air. The line excels in finesse pass blocking, helping the team to achieve the most yards per pass in the NFL. The running game is nonexistent (lowest yards per run) and won’t improve this year. This offense does not turn the ball over. A-

San Diego Chargers defense is soft against the run, especially straight up the middle. They are good against the pass, an asset when teams are trying to come from behind. B

San Diego Chargers special teams are not at all impressive and punt coverage ranks 31st. Although their K is a regular-season asset, he laid a beef in the playoffs. C

San Diego Chargers overall will continue to run up the score against inferior divisional opponents. Rushing is a glaring weakness on both sides of the ball, and this team will definitely lose to a physical opponent in the playoffs. Still as talented as any team in the NFL, the Chargers will never win big with their current loser coach. Final Grade: B

Denver Broncos offense is still going to be balanced, low-wattage and run by a backup QB. They don’t make many big plays but they avoid mistakes. The line is good on paper but injuries and inexperience inside hurt them last year. B-

Denver Broncos defense will have another year in their new 3-4; they’ve added some personnel but may still struggle against the run. The backfield is the most experienced in the NFL and is the team’s strongest unit. B

Denver Broncos special teams were mediocre last year, with no major faults nor fortunes. B-

Denver Broncos overall are not stable at the top of this organization and it will show. Lack of leadership and no special strengths will mean more rebuilding next year. Final Grade: B-

Kansas City Chiefs offense is expected to improve with the addition of Charlie Weis. They were inconsistent at every skill position but the line looks to be improving. C+

Kansas City Chiefs defense is yet another poor unit which converted to a 3-4 without the proper personnel. The pieces aren’t quite in place yet, and this D will get pushed around for another year. C-

Kansas City Chiefs special teams achieved little last year but drafted some potential returners. I wouldn’t be surprised if this unit doesn’t become a strength in 2010. B+

Kansas City Chiefs overall should be a better team in 2010, but are so full of holes they will eat a lot of dirt along the way. Final Grade: C+

Oakland Raiders offense will finally have dedication and competence at QB: Campbell has something to prove, and his experience with getting pummeled in DC will come in handy behind an oft-injured line. Sloppiness and inexperience plague the skill positions. C+

Oakland Raiders defense is particularly soft against runs up the middle. They generate a decent pass rush and defend the pass surprisingly well at times. But they don’t make INTs and don’t tackle. C

Oakland Raiders special teams are quite poor, despite boasting very strong K and P. Better coaching and leadership could turn this unit into an asset, but don’t bet on it. C-

Oakland Raiders overall have solved their biggest problem at QB, but it will take more than that to lift this long-suffering franchise. Final Grade: C

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