Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 NFL Preview: NFC South

NFC South is a dangerous division with a beatable schedule versus NFC West and AFC North.

New Orleans Saints offense is ferocious and unstoppable unless they fumble. The power running complements a dazzling passing attack. The line is very good in both protection and bulldozing. A

New Orleans Saints defense is aggressive and produced big plays all the way through the Superbowl win. This hides the fact that they still give up too many yards and points. A-

New Orleans Saints special teams are poor in coverage but boast clutch placekicking. B-

New Orleans Saints overall are in a good position to repeat as champions, but they’ll need to avoid injuries for the second year in a row. Excellent coaching. Final Grade: A-

Atlanta Falcons offense is dynamic and efficient. Behind a stable and solid line, RB Turner should return to form after IR and QB Ryan is poised to take the next step. A-

Atlanta Falcons defense is dreadfully vulnerable through the air, something they addressed in the offseason. They didn’t do enough to improve the weak pass rush. Run defense remains a strength. B

Atlanta Falcons special teams have a question mark at kicker, but otherwise are damn impressive in all aspects of covering and returning. A

Atlanta Falcons overall have the potential to go deep in the playoffs, but the Saints stand in their way and have won seven of the last eight. Final Grade: A-

Carolina Panthers offense is reemerging. A new QB is a breath of fresh air and the line remains strong and deep, leading a punishing ground attack. Passing will lag this year. B

Carolina Panthers defense is soft versus the run but covers the pass well; pass rush could be an issue next season. B+

Carolina Panthers special teams are total garbage in every category. D

Carolina Panthers overall didn’t do enough to improve from last year’s 8-8 campaign. Final Grade: C+

Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense is a work in progress. Lack of talent and ball protection prevents them from taking advantage of a decent line. D+

Tampa Bay defense is so helpless against the run, nobody bothered to pass against them. This unit will give up a lot of points. D+

Tampa Bay special teams are surprisingly good, and will be relied on to produce. A-

Tampa Bay overall has so many holes, it will sink deep. Final Grade: C-

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