Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too Soon For Bracketology for reals ESPN

I was complaining toward the end of last season about how early ESPN rolled out Joe Lunardi's Bracketology. I also showed how inaccurate it was to predict the March seeds in early January. There was no point to it two months before the tournament. There's superultradoubleplus no point to it now.

I'm not particularly self-centered, but I have to say I have to assume that ESPN is purposefully just sticking its dick in my eye with the Bracketology scrolling at the bottom of my screen right now.

It is November! No one has played a conference game yet. And yet, Bracketology is there, predicting the top four seeds in each bracket. Is this a joke? For posterity's sake, we will record the flat-out guesses here, and we will make fun of it come March.

1. Kentucky
2. North Carolina
3. Washington
4. UConn

1. Michigan St
2. Villanova
3. Butler
4. California

1. Texas
2. Duke
3. Tennessee
4. Ohio State

1. Kansas
2. Purdue
3. West Virginia
4. Michigan

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The Black Freighter said...

4 Big Ten teams that highly ranked... yeah, for sure... that will happen.