Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nice Rumor-Mongering, Pro Football Talk

Last night, Pro Football Talk reported "rumors" were "flying" about how someone had floated the possibility of the NFL Players striking ahead of next year's capless year and 2011's feared lockout by the owners. Perhaps, the invisible rumor mongers said, the players would illegally strike during the playoffs of this year. The article reeks of bullshit--of the PFT being taken for a ride (perhaps willingly?) by some sketchy management source.

The sheer lack of even a "Anonymous Source In the NFLPA" makes it seem all the more suspicious. This is as close as a source PFT ever gets: "The mere fact that the rumor is being floated -- not necessarily by union leadership -- speaks to the level of frustration that many of the players currently are feeling."

What do we know about the people who are throwing these reckless ideas? Essentially, nothing. But I can't imagine a single player who would think this is a good idea. I would expound at length at the obvious bullshit of the piece, but I don't have to, because Adalius Thomas already did one awesome job of it. He's quoted by Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports thusly: "To be blunt, it’s a flat-out, bald-faced, capital-letters lie," Thomas said when asked about a report Tuesday by that there has been discussion of a strike. "We’re not the ones who are interested in not playing. We want to play. We’re not going on strike. We signed this [collective bargaining] agreement and we’re fine with it. We’re happy. We don’t want to stop playing football."

Later, Thomas continues, "Reporters act like we’re the ones who opted out of the agreement and that’s not true. We’re not the ones who wanted to opt out. We’re happy with the agreement. We want to continue the agreement the way it is. We’re fine...We’re not interested in a strike. There might be a lockout, not a strike. A lockout by the owners."

Well said, Mr. Thomas. And shame on Pro Football Talk for what is on its face bullshit, and more than likely, the product of some cocaine fueled fantasy of some midlevel management flunky. I call shenanigans!

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Andrew Wice said...

I second your call of shenanigans.

I know a couple owners that are so fucking stupid they'd gut the goose that laid the golden egg ... but surely it shall not come to pass, right?