Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Jim Petersen Weighs in on Oleksiy Pecherov

There has much discussion over just how much Minnesota Timberwolf Oleksiy Pecherov looks like Stewie from Family Guy. The reason for that discussion could be described in length, but this is one of those moments when a picture is worth a thousand words:

But Jim Petersen, former NBA'er and current Timberwolves color commentator begs to differ. Here he is expounding on who he thinks Oleksiy resembles:

That's fine and good. (Briefly, we should mention that Pecherov had his best offensive game of his career tonight, putting in 24 points and grabbing 8 boards). It seems that Petersen honestly thinks he delivering a compliment, but let's face it. Even a young Donald Sutherland, Academy Award winner or no, isn't not exactly the most handsome guy on the planet.


The Black Freighter said...

Oh wow... he totally is a Donald Sutherland look alike. He's definitely an odd duck with the slouch and he doesn't even really jump when he is shooting jumpshots.

Andrea Banfield said...

Dont hate oleksiy is sooo sexy. i would give him everything!! Plus..stewie is the best character on family guy. Keep gettin them buckets baby..

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

That's gotta be one of the more intriguing comments ever left on this blog.

And by "intriguing", I mean "fucked up."