Sunday, November 15, 2009

Something new and unique happened today...

Today I felt something new - a disturbance in The Force if you will. I, and many others, thought and perhaps even a few muttered something like:

"They better get Orton back in there or this game is lost!"

or the converse

"I hope Orton doesn't come back in the game..."

Congrats to Washington and Chris Simms for making Orton look like a franchise quarterback. Simms - 3 for 13, for 13 yards, 1 int, and a QB rating of ........ drum roll please.......


That's the lowest I've ever seen for a half of football. Worse than Dilfer's worst man.*

*Update: I stand corrected. Trent Dilfer had a passer rating of 0 vs the Jets on 12/14/1997. Here are some other's who have achieved the same greatness: Eli Manning, Joey Harrington, Jeff Garcia, Ryan Leaf, Gross Rexman, and believe it or not Terry Bradshaw pulled it off THREE times and holds the record for the most 0 passer rating games.

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