Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Sports: Don't Forget the Hoops

I know that Thanksgiving means football, for people lucky enough not be saddled with family who think that Thanksgiving is about family (Boo, family members who think that!).

But, let's face it--we've got some kind of garbage games for this Thanksgiving. You've got one of the worst passing defenses in the league in Detroit (gave 3 TDs to Brady Quinn on Sunday, for fuck's sake) playing one of the most dangerous QB's in the league in Aaron Rodgers. Raiders vs. Cowboys promises to be a crapfest, even (especially?) if Oakland manages to pull an upset. The Giants and Broncos both started like a house on fire, and both have pretty been poopy the last month or so--plus it is on NFL Network, which very precious few of us have (yeah, I'm one of the Chosen).

May I kindly suggest, when the football gets out of hand, you switch on over and watch what looks to be a pretty good run of College Hoops?

starting at 12pm EST:
Creighton* vs. Michigan. Michigan is every prognosticator's darling of the Big 10. Creighton has a habit of wrecking darlings. (I love Beilein in Michigan, but I think his team is probably a year and one Pitznoggle away from being truly badass)

Marquette vs. Xavier. Great match-up of Big East and A-10 teams that have been great in recent years, but are being looked to have to rebuild this year. Still, depending on how things shake out, this could be a preview of a 1st or 2nd round game in March.

Clemson vs. Texas A&M--Clemson is nationally ranked, thanks to positive buzz and a string of cupcakes, just like they are every year. Big 12 vs. ACC is always competitive, and should be fun.

Alabama vs. Baylor--one or both of these teams will come out of nowhere to scare the absolute shit out of everyone, before collapsing down the stretch.

Butler vs. Minnesota--Two top 20 teams face off, both facing questions as to whether they might be a touch overrated. A possible preview of a Sweet 16 match-up.

That's a lot of good hoops, all on ESPN2. Should be better than most of the football on the TV.

*by the by, Creighton has one ugly website.


Lillian Wey said...

Absolutely! I'm loving this day of sleeping late and college hoops. Wheat berry salad, friends and basketball. What a way to close a perfect week that opened with a chat with Mason Jennings! I'm a lucky girl. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jess said...

Clearly, Butler is overrated.