Monday, November 30, 2009

Thursday Stain & Lucky 13

The annoyance of Thursday football is like a lump of undigested turkey giblets in the cold dregs of a gravy boat. Not only can no one watch it (oh, sorry to those member of the liberal elite who have the NFL network), but it also musses up our IDYFT NFL Pick'em.
I'll be making an effort to get this done earlier in the week, perhaps as way of apology for everyone having to watch Detroit get creamed and Dallas wax a patsy for the 300th Thanksgiving in a row.

Who decided that Detroit and Dallas deserve this tradition? Assholes, that's who.

Should you not get your picks in by Thursday's Jets-Bills fudgefest, have no fear, go ahead and pick the rest of the week ... but don't cheat, for I am always watching you. Good luck!

1. Miwacar: 43 pts (this week +2)
2. MMMan: 38 pts (this week +6)
3. Jess: 36 pts (this week +4)
Barnyard: 36 pts
4. Big BM: 21 pts
5. Adw: 18 pts (this week +6)
6. Leftnut: 17 pts (this week +6)

Lucky Week Thirteen
1. Big Shoe-in? +2/-4
2. Little Shoe-in? +1/-2
3. Surprise! +3 Underdogs:
Generals, Lions, Browns, Oaktown
4. Favorite/Disliked? +/-1
5. Clash of the Titans: +/-2
Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals

Clash of the Wildcarders: +/-1
Houston at Jacksonville

Lucky Bonus Questions
6. Which game will be the closest? +3
7. Which game will have the largest point differential? +3

8. Which game will have the highest total points? +3
9. Which game will have the lowest total points? +3

10. Do you Smell a Shutout or Do You Oggle an Overtime? +2
11. Last team standing: Saints or Colts? +2

nota bene: Because this is lucky Week Thirteen in the NFL, I've included extra bonus questions which can boost your score.

Explanation of bonus question 10: pick whether you think there will be a shutout or an overtime this week. You can't lose points, even if neither a shutout nor an overtime occurs.


Muumuuman said...

1. Cin CIty
2. San Diego
3. Oakland
4. Dallas lose
5. Vikings
5b. Houston
6. Seattle/San Fran
7.San Diego/Brownie
8. Indy/Titans
9. Chicago/Rams
10. OT

leftnut said...

1. San Diego
2. Chicago
3. Washington
4. Carolina to win
5. Arizona
5b. Jacksonville

6. Seattle/San Francisco
7. San Diego/Cleveland
8. New Orleans/Washington
9. Chicago/St Louis
10. Shutout (Oakland)
11. Saints

Andrew Wice said...

1. Steelers
2. Bengals
3. los Generales!
4. Dallas loses
5. Vikes & Jax

6. TX/Jax closest
7. Rams/Chi big diff
8. Dallas/NYG high total
9. Bucs/Panthers low total
10. Saints

Barnyard said...

1. San Diego
2. New Orleans
3. Um, no one, I mean Oakland
4. Pack Wins
5. Cardinals

5.5 Jacksonvill

6. Dallas/NY
7. SD/Cle
8. Ten/Ind
9. NYJ/Buff
10. Shutout
11. Saints

Miwacar said...

I like how over the last several weeks you have added categories to facilitate more scoring in an attempt to reel me in. Know this Mr. Wice, I will only use those points to pull away. I will wear that damned shirt when it is all over with. Now on to bidness:

2. Cinci
3. Red stains
4. Pack loses
5. Vikes/Houston
6. Jets/Buff
7. SD/Cleve
8. Tenn/Indy
9. Chi/St louis
10. NO

Andrew Wice said...

The "Red Stains?"

How come I didn't think of that?

Well, I'm sticking with the Washington Generals for the rest of this season.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

1. Bengals
2. Steelers
3. Browns
4. Cowboys lose
5. cards & Jacksonsville
6. jets/bills
7. steelers/raiders
8. Ravens/packers
9. bucs/panthers
10. Yes
11. New Orleans!

Jess said...

The prize t-shirt is very nice. I do wear mine.

1. Cincy
2. San Diego
3. Oaktown
4. Cards win.
5. Arizona and Houston
6. Houston/Jax
7. Cincy/Detroit
8. Green Bay/Baltimore
9. Dallas/Giants
10. I'll oggle an overtime.
11. Saints