Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Indian Educators Call for End of Race-Based Mascots

To be specific, the National Indian Education Association passed a resolution.

From their press release:

"This is a national issue in Indian education with approximately two-thirds of Indian mascots and logos having been retired in recent years. Barbara Munson (Oneida), Chair of the Wisconsin taskforce stated 'Indian educators have been in the forefront of change. Our native scholars are conducting research studies and providing educational advocacy across the nation.' Currently the issue is being contended on the collegiate level at the University of North Dakota and Suzan Shown Harjo’s long-standing case against the Washington NFL team is soon to be presented before the US Supreme Court. 'The issue of race-based stereotypes of Indian people is being addressed throughout our nation on many levels and it affects all of us.' Munson states."

I keep thinking it would be cool to get an interview with Suzan Shown Harjo, but I can't help thinking she's got better things to do than talk to a bunch of relatively sympathetic, smart-ass white dudes. All the same, here's hoping that Harjo's lawsuit is successful, and the judge decides to go with a wacky TV-premise of an awarded settlement--giving the entire Washington team in receivership to a committee of Native Americans, who change the name, but then also have to run the team, and somehow make it respectable again. Oh, the hijinks that would be had!

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Andrew Wice said...

And the Supreme Court strips Dan Snyder of power and appoints the Five Stars pueblos full ownership of the team ... John Riggins becomes director of pro personnel ... Joe Gibbs becomes honorary chaplain ... and D. Green, A. Monk, E. Byner et al help create a new reality.

We'll use every part of the Cowboys when we kill them, honest injun.