Friday, November 06, 2009

Dirty Woman Soccer: Officials?

Somehow, ESPNews has found a women's college soccer game worthy of covering every 15 minutes? The reason is dirty player extraordinaire, Elizabeth Lambert of the New Mexico Lobos. She seems nice enough on her Lobo player page--anyone who loves Tacos can't be all bad.

But she was a bad defender, and a bad person against BYU. I don't know why. Maybe a Mormon killed her grandparents, or something? But the question I have, watching over a minute of Lambert acting out and violent is this--why was she still on the pitch after the hair tug? Some of her lowlights don't look that bad to me, they are the kind of thing that happens on a pitch. But between the tackle (yellow) and then the hair pull (straight red), how is she on the pitch for the face punch (yellow) and then kicking the ball into another's player's face as they lie prone on the ground (yellow)?

Where was the officiating? Generally speaking, defenders will do anything they think they can get away with. Defenders tend to be violent, brilliant sociopaths, who try to determine what the ref will and will not call. If Elizabeth Lambert can get away with a violent hair pull, why would she assume that she could not get away with everything else? Hey, soccer officials, of which there had to be at least three, and possibly four--how was this woman in the game at the end? She should have been sent off early.

Here's your video. By the by, dudes recording off their DVR--I'm unsure how this counts as a Cat-Fight. It's a dirty soccer player. That's it. Terming it a catfight is sexist in my mind. There's no fight. It's one bad actor in the mix. One dirty soccer player. Who should not have been on the pitch. Enjoy the lowlights:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up that term "cat fight". Leave it to an ignormant man bring that term into what was obviously a lousy player who knows her soccer skills are lacking to resort to tactics like those on the field.

Muumuuman said...

Am I right that she didn't get any cards? I think the yellow was for the NM player that tripped the BYU striker, not for the ball to the face. I think this defender has a future in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Muumuuman said...

She was probably upset you didn't mention her in your previous post about the dirtiest player in the NFL (Hines Ward). Her behavior is really your fault BBM.