Friday, November 27, 2009

Man, the PAC-10 Is Going To Be Full of Suck

The Portland Pilots destroyed UCLA tonight, and that isn't the worst loss UCLA has suffered already this year.

UCLA isn't the best team in the PAC-10, but they aren't the worst. The best will probably have to be the Huskies, but I think Steve Lavin was quite right when he predicted that it will take a great run in the PAC-10 tournament for more than 2 teams to be playing in March.

Insanely early to make those sorts of predictions, you say? Every mid-level PAC-10 already has a pretty big, embarrassing loss. Only the Washington Huskies have the look of a team that good give the 2nd place team in say, the Horizon, or the Big South a fucking game. UCLA, Arizona, Arizona St, California (remember when Syracuse blew them out?), Stanford--not a one looks like they are worth talking about.

UCLA, to repeat, was totally dominated by Portland. I don't mean to imply that Portland is teh Suck. They are not. Portland looks like a very good team, who can bomb from the outside, and likes to. Maybe this is the year that Gonzaga is joined by another team from their conference, and that both advance to the second round. Maybe--but it should be said that by January, beating UCLA isn't going to be a very impressive feat.

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