Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bravo, Who Are You Kidding?

I rarely mention my interest in/love of shitty Reality Shows, but I do watch a few, including Top Chef. But I do bring my critical eye to it, as you, fair reader, would demand. And there was some fucked up editing going on in tonight's episode.

Here's a couple of screenshots from chef Michael Voltaggio--these two were taken within the same minute, of the same interview with cuts to the food. But, wait a minute. Are they the same interview?

Michael Voltaggio, shot one. He's engaged, eyes almost bugged out, and his skin showing the healthy tan/burn that he's been sporting since day 1.

Michael Voltaggio, shot two. 15 seconds of TV later, without a break in his commentary. Different hat, different shirt and he looks ill. At first I thought maybe they interviewed him after he lost the challenge, and he had been crying. Now, I know that wasn't the case. But I'm now wondering if he isn't ill, or whether he loses next week, and they talked to him about his last good dish at that point. Something isn't right, and something was clearly edited without any real mention of it. Weird, to tie two different interviews together, when they are so clearly not the same interview.

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Muumuuman said...

I watch Top Chef, but the constant corporate plugs drive me insane. "Hey make sure when you pour the Korbel that the label always faces the camera!" Like the chef are thinking "Mmmm... Korbel!"

Also, the judges make me consider the conspiracy theory that the world is run by the lizard people. I'm just waiting for them to pull off their mask to reveal the lizard being hiding underneath.