Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Reminder: Donald Sterling Is a Dick

LA Clippers owner, and all-around dick Donald Sterling settled out of court yesterday, pending the approval of the judge hearing the housing discrimination case. The Sterling family denied, as part of the agreement, any wrong doing, which makes sense. I know I always pay 2.725 million dollars in damages (most damages ever in such a case) when I do nothing wrong.

It sounds like the case was just about to get to the point where the Sterlings (Donald and his wife) were going to have a hard time denying what they are kind of able to deny now. LA Times says:

"In court filings, Justice Department lawyers presented evidence that the Sterlings made statements 'indicating that African Americans and Hispanics were not desirable tenants and that they preferred Korean tenants' occupy buildings they owned in Koreatown.

Had the case gone to trial, an expert would have testified that an analysis of the Sterlings' rental practices in Koreatown revealed that they rented to far fewer African Americans and Hispanics than would be expected, based on demographics. "

I'd say that a fair punishment would be to make the Clippers a Korean-only team. But that probably wouldn't affect them the way it would other teams. Because they already suck, see. Get it?

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