Friday, July 31, 2009

Twins Bullpen Proves The point That I Did Not Want Proved

Maybe you'll remember, a couple of days ago, I wrote (emphasis mine):

This starting rotation could really use a solid, veteran arm. Same goes for the bullpen, which has been a juggler's nightmare all year, after the pre-season injuries to Boof Bonser and Pat "The Sub-Mariner!" Neshek.

Well, the Los Angeles Mickeys of Disney Land proved the point, taking Matt Guerrier deep to tie a game that had been 5-2 at one point. Look, Matt Guerrier has been throwing amazing shit all year long, but sooner or later, he was going to blow a hold, and he did tonight. That's OK--that's baseball.

Here is what is not OK--the second you have to go to your bullpen beyond the set-up man and closer, this happens--I quote the Star Tribune's Joe Christensen:

Once Guerrier, Jose Mijares and Twins closer Joe Nathan had left the game, the Angels unloaded on Bobby Keppel and Jesse Crain for six runs in the 11th, with the first eight batters reaching base.

Eight runners, zero outs! This bullpen, it needs fixing.

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