Saturday, July 25, 2009

Timberwolves Backcourt Looking Good

Yeah, it is only summer league, and they are playing against fellow rookies, or 2nd year players, or cast-offs looking for a roster spot. But Good Goddamn, the All-New, All-Exciting Backcourt for the Timberwolves is beginning to get us stupid Timberwolves fans a little tingly in our pants.

First of all, when Jonny Flynn was being discussed as an odd pick after the Wolves used their 5th pick on Ricky Rubio, perhaps they forgot what the Spanish Pete Maravich can't do. He can't do this:

I don't know the last guard in Minnesota who could do this kind of thing. I feel like I have to go all the way back to Stephon Marbury, but that can't be right, right? Sadly, I think it is.

But you know, he's only one half of the new tandem in Minnesota. Here's a little compilation of Flynn and Wayne Ellington. I don't think based on their work here means that the Wolves will win more than 40 games, but they might be fun to watch. Which is a miracle in the NBA and in Minnesota.

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