Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hedo Turkoglu Signs 5 Year, $53 Million Deal

Umm, what?

Toronto, you've just signed a 30 year old, not particularly athletic shooter for over $50 MILLION DOLLARS.

Are you planning ahead, and already rubbing your hands in delight when you trade him in four years to a team that needs some cap space, or something? I'm just hearing on ESPN now, from Rick Bucher, that Toronto had the inside pole on Portland, too--his wife likes Toronto, it's more cosmopolitan, it's closer to Turkey, and they only had to pay 2 million more to acquire his services! Awesome. Enjoy 34 year Hedo--you just paid a pant load for that right, four years down the road.

You do know that in just about every category, that last year he far excelled his career averages? Do you think that at age 3o, he just suddenly figured out the NBA, and through his own hard work, added 4 points per game, over 2 assists, and 1 extra board per game? Or do you think maybe his teammates had something to do with that, too? Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis leap to mind. Do you have guys like that?

I hate to go all Minnesota on you, Toronto, but the Timberwolves have a guy whose career numbers compete with Hedo's career numbers. His name is Ryan Gomes, and he is proof positive that you just massively overpaid.

Hedo's career Points Per Game: 12.3
Gomes: 11.6

Hedo 3-pt shooting: .387
Gomes: .357

Hedo's Boards: 4.2
Gomes: 5.3

Hedo's assists: 2.7
Gomes: 1.5

Gomes is 3 years younger. Ryan Gomes signed a contract, last year, that will pay him under $5 million dollars during the 2012-2013 season. That's right about the time you'll be paying Hedo some 12 or 13 million dollars, yes? Apparently, a point a game is worth over $5,000,000 dollars per year. At least in Canada. Let's see--82 games? That works out to about $61,000 for that extra point per game. Nice work, Toronto. Way to play marquee price for a role player.

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Hail Mary Attempt said...

Raptors should now expect Bosh leaving them in 2010. I don't kniow but I also think signing Hedo for that many years is a a blunder ready-made for the majors.