Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brett Favre, We Did Not Hardly Know You

It is over (though I'm still not quite sure even now that I totally believe it). Favre is staying retired. It had seemed a fait accompli. Just ask rather the fairly well respected sports director/anchor of WCCO, Mark Rosen. This is a guy who has been working the sports circuit in the Twin Cities longer than I've been alive (of course, so has Sid Hartman, but to fair, Sid is cold and there are wolves after him). Rosen sounds like he knows what he is speaking of here (though, clearly, he doesn't)

The Star Tribune of course already has a poll in the field (The Field being self-selected, crazy Star Tribune Sports commenters) and they are unhappy about the news. As of this writing, over 9700 people have responded, and less than 40% thinks this is any kind of good news. Equally interesting/hilarious, the Star Tribune has a second poll, asking the same pool of folks "Who Should the Next Vikings QB Be?" With over 9000 people responding thus far, the number 1 answer is...Michael Vick, with 35%. Sage Rosenfels was second at 33%. Last year's starter, Tavaris Jackson, is currently at under 14%, despite finishing last season pretty strong.

So now we say goodbye to Brett Favre. Things I knew about Brett? He loved to play the game. He inspired a corn maze. He gave Koy Detmer the business. He did a great imitation of John Elway.

Things I didn't know until watching the below video? He liked to give Steve Mariucci's kids the Dutch Oven treatment. He pondered religion ("You think God never farted?" answer: Brett, I've been to Gary, Indiana. I know God farted.) Also, he apparently sometimes made the media wait on his decisions. Who knew?

Fare thee well, Brett. Please come to the next NFL Quarterback Challenge and bust out your imitations of your fellow Pro QB's again. I can't find them on the Internets anywhere.

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Andrew Wice said...

The Vikes are absolutely better off without Favre. However, they will be fielding the best of two backup QBs. That might cut it in the NFC North, but not in the real league.

Hey Baldy Mustache! I love your emphasis on running and stopping the run. However, passing and stopping the pass need to be included in your strategy.

Oh, and when playing special teams, try not to set an NFL record for most returns (seven) for TDs again.