Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dave Zirin on Michael Vick

If you don't read our fellow (and much more respected and famous) Macalester graduate David Zirin, you really should. I don't have much to say about the Vick thing, but Zirin does. Here's the bit that struck a chord with me:

"...none of it means a lick unless one of the NFL's thirty-two teams takes a chance and signs Vick, which is hardly guaranteed. It's a preposterous scenario. The NFL continues to employ J.T. O'Sullivan, Trent Edwards and Dan Orlovsky--quarterbacks who couldn't throw a tantrum, let alone a touchdown. They also employ players who have been convicted for manslaughter, spousal abuse and everything short of molesting pandas.

Yet Michael Vick could remain radioactive for some time. It's hard to believe that NFL owners care deeply about animal rights. According to political donations, a typical NFL owner runs slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan."

Go read the rest here.

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Lillian Wey said...

Listened to Zirin on Talk of the Nation today. Quite good, of course.