Friday, January 11, 2008

Why We Didn't Write About Roger Clemens

Why bother to write about Roger Clemens, when you know it is a huge story, and every big dumb media outlet is going to be covering it, and that therefore, Dave Zirin of Edge of Sports is going to be writing about the coverage? Why fucking bother? We were going to write something better than this?

We now know that Roger Clemens has a rear end that's seen more needles than Keith Richards' family room. Yet it's what filled the syringes that have the sports-world and the US Congress all atwitter. Last night Clemens tried to sell his anabolic virginity to both 60 Minutes and the great proctologist of American journalism, Mike Wallace. For 15 excruciating on-air minutes, the seven-time Cy Young award winner put himself in Wallace's cross-hairs. He answered questions about Sen. George Mitchell's steroid report and what may or may not have been injected into his Hall of Fame cheeks by his personal trainer Brian McNamee.

The Wallace/Clemens showdown had the hype of a prizefight. But the millions at home didn't see the Mike Wallace who made Vietnam War architect Gen. William Westmoreland cry in his napalm. On Sunday we didn't witness Wallace the media bulldog, but a Chihuahua. If he had looked at the camera and said, "Yo quiero Taco Bell," no one would have blinked. The 89-year-old legend is a regular in Yankee owner George Steinbrenner's owner's box and has called Clemens a friend. On Sunday he seemed to have his own narcotic reaction to the athletic proximity.

Answer: No we would have not written it any better. Also, Dave had the balls to use the word "atwitter". Go read the rest now.

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