Saturday, January 05, 2008

IDYFT Mailbag

We get countless emails here at IDYFT (by countless, I mean either 0 emails, a large number of emails, or an acutal infinite number of emails) asking what the fine folk here at IDYFT do when we are not busily being dicks about sports.

We all have jobs, at least for next couple of weeks. We read, we play video games. Some of us go on "dates" with "dancers". Some of us have a wife and children, and crap like that.

We also write in other formats. Since we don't always get all of our dickishness out while complaining about the state of modern sports, or modern sports journalism, we sometimes turn to the classics.

So, I now announce, somewhat shamefaced, that a couple of us have been putting together a blog called Your Rotund Promiscuous Mother, wherein we adopt styles, and even passages from famous authors and thinkers, and make them into Your Momma Jokes.

We aren't proud of this. OK, we are a little proud. Feel free to peruse, enjoy, and maybe even submit your own samples. We will credit you, and your friends will be a little bit impressed maybe, if you have easily impressed friends.

Visit: Your Rotund Promiscuous Mother.

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