Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Who prognosticates better than vegas? Early superbowl odds!

It appears the early odds are out for Superbowl 43, and I thought I'd relay the opening odds on some of the IDYFT favorites.

Green bay 7/1
Washington 30/1
Minnesota 38/1
Detroit 60/1
Oakland 125/1
Longest odds, Miami and Atlanta at 150/1

7/1? Really? Green Bay ranked 4th with a new quarterback? That's surprising to me. Oh, and Chicago with Rex their squad of capable back-up quarterbacks lands ahead of Washington at 25/1. Ouch BBM and Andrew. I guess Dr. Z must be dropping a load of cash on his Superbowl favorite the Vikings with their pretty long odds - good luck. And finally, looks like Vegas predicts another happy, happy fun time year for Mr. Norwood with Oaklands odds at 125/1. Ouch. I guess I can't just ignore the team closest to my place of birth, and I'm happy with the generous 60/1 odds on the Lions. Yay Millen!

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Andrew Wice said...

Badcock The Greek recommendation for GB fans: place your big money bet after the fourth week of the season. You'll get far better than 7 to 1 by then.

I guarantee it.