Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blogger Round Up: FAVRE FAVRE FAVRE edition

As one of our compatriots noted, Favre has an "itch", and now we know that he more than likely won't be a Packer. Apparently, Green Bay GM Ted Thompson and Brett have never really ever gotten along, and this late entry into the preseason has pushed Thompson's last button.

Should anyone be surprised by these turn of events? Did everyone in the world react to this news the exact opposite way I did? When I heard that Brett Favre was looking to unretire, I thought, "Yep." It seems that a few people thought his decision to retire after one of his best seasons (and easily his best in the past 3 or 4 years) would stick. Dummies!

As for yours truly, back in January I wrote a little handy guide of new ways to describe Favre's love of the game. This one is beginning to make more and more sense: "Brett Favre Loves Football like a retard in a Steinbeck novel loves his rabbits. Brett Favre will pet the game and name the game "George" and accidently kill the game with his over-enthusiastic hugging."

But this is a round-up, and we should be highlighting other folks works, not our own. (Though we are quite funny and talented)

First there is Peter King, the Sports Illustrated fluffer of all NFL flagging stalwarts. Apparently, my Computer has decided that I am not allowed to read his story, but the main points are there, all nicely bulleted--Don't Expect the Pack to Just Release Favre, because Favre wants to go to the Vikings. Which begs the question--has Favre looked at the receivers on the Vikings? Is he excited to throw to Sidney Rice and no one else? Or does he just want to play the Packers twice?

Quick aside: don't expect the Packers to trade him to ANY team they are playing this year, in conference or outside of it. So the talk of Tampa Bay, Carolina and Atlanta are straight out. I could think of a one team the Packers aren't playing this year, instituting a West Coast Style offense with veteran players and a young quarterback who probably wouldn't mind a year of studying under the Brett-ster. The Redskins! But it won't happen.

Kissing Suzy Kolber uses Jesus as an example of someone who knew how to retire. It would be a fitting comparison, and it is an interesting read. As an atheist with a degree in Religious Studies, I do wonder where KSK's Big Daddy Drew came up with his theological perspective. The idea that Jesus decided to become Divine on the cross is a pretty rare viewpoint amongst Christians these days. I suppose if you were a 4th Century believer in Arianism, you might read BDB's post as not be totally ignorant of basic Christian thought. For everyone else, it must sound like a monologue that Kilgore Trout ditched in the circular file.

The Pacifist Viking is not interested in idle speculation about Favre. The Viking is willing to use their blog to try to get Tom Brady on their Fantasy Football team on the cheap, though.

The only Green Bay sports blog I know of, Green Bay, Booze, and Broads, are on vacation in beautiful Door County, where they are probably enjoying the Apple Orchards, beautiful Lake Michigan, and the like. But they have weighed in a bit. They don't sound angry, but they do sound like Aaron Rodgers supporters at this point.


Andrew Wice said...

This whole story is obviously a big, over-inflated tomato. If he comes back it will be on a chump team. He'll play without having the usual year-round access to trainers and he'll get hurt in training camp.

And by the way Big BM, I don't believe you've seen quite enough of young Jason Campbell. I don't think he'd let Favre take his job.

If Favre plays, Campbell will have a better year and his team will win more games.

Aaron Nagler said...

The ONLY Green Bay sports blog you know of? That hurts, man. Really hurts. (cough click my name cough)

Aaron Nagler said...

The only Green Bay blog you know of? son! ;)