Thursday, July 17, 2008

We are Big Enough to Get Marketing Assistants to Email Us!

I'm pretty sure that doesn't make us all that big, but all the same, some corporate drone nice young woman at the niche marketing firm (Fleishman-Hillard) that Reebok has hired to pimp their shoes saw fit to email us. US! To tell us how awesome Vince Young is going to be in Reebok shoes.

Now, I'm not going to click the link, but if you do, it might encourage the powers that be at Fleishman-Hillard to continue to contact us, and maybe offer us money. And, maybe, eventually, some of that money will see its way to you, dear faithful reader.

Unlikely, I know. But a rising tide lifts all boats and shit!


Jess said...

Oh, just give in and sell out. It doesn't feel that bad. And you can get free shit, like Bacon Salt!

Also, I'm so not clicking that link. I've been on the interwebs for too long to click something with a vague URL. For all I know, that could be Tubgirl.

Muumuuman said...

Did you tell her we would prefer to promote hip ironic shoes like converse all-stars or that shoe with the zipper pocket - roos? They still around?


According to the web site the closest retailer of bacon salt is "mountain mist pool and spa" in Longmont? WTF?

Jess said...

Just order it from the site. That's what I did. Then I wrote a profanity-laced blog post about it and I won more Bacon Salt and Bacon Salt accessories for doing so.

I made a Bacon Bloody Mary last weekend and rimmed the glass with Bacon Salt. IT WAS TRANSCENDENTAL.

Andrew Wice said...

Nobody loves bacon more than me. Bacon Salt sounds like what I'd like to be buried in.

I checked out the website, full of hope and joy. Only to find out that it isn't made of bacon at all. It's vegetarian, as a matter of fact.

There's already fake bacon in the world, and IT SUCKS!

Fuck you Bacon Salt -- you broke my heart with your lying ways.

Muumuuman said...

I have a product in my refrigerator called "beef bacon". It's not bacon, but it's not vegetarian either. Is fake bacon ok if it's made of beef?

Jess said...

What the fuck is beef bacon? Please tell me more about this confusing and frightening product.

Guess I will not be bringing any Bacon Salt gifts for Andrew when he comes to MSP to regale us with readings from his novel. I'm terribly, terribly sorry to have had a part in getting your hopes up about Bacon Salt. I grew up on a hog farm and I still think it's awesome.