Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Muumuuman needs your prayers!

There is a dangerous rouge individual on the loose, who was last seen where I live in Boulder, Colorado. His was convicted last year of third degree assault on his girlfriend (see either BBM or another asshole named Andy), and now a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Here is the latest photo the authorities have on this dangerous individual who is roaming the streets, my streets, as I type. WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!

Look at that criminal face - a lost snakelike gaze, lip piercings, facial scars, and a neck tatoo. Wait a second. I know this Boulderite - he's almost a famous as Mork! It's Brian Bonsall!

Cute little feather, how could little Andy Keaton have gone so, so wrong....

Oh that's right, his violent Klingon up-bringing. I bet you had no idea Mrs. Keaton knocked boots with Warf. Poor messed up little Brian Bonsall - here's the actual warrant.

As pointed out by one of our loyal readers an awol, delinquent, overdosed, arrested, phychotic ex-childhood star is hardly news worthy. Additionally, this is a sporting blog and not ET. Therefore may I submit a modest proposal? Rather than have the courts issue a silly warrant for arrest which frightens no one may I suggest about more of Connell-esk "Most Dangerous Game" warrant? People of Boulder, hunting season is open!

Disclaimer: I've seen and heard street interviews on TV and radio with the general population. J. Swift didn't really think eating the Irish was a good solution. Bonsall has ruined his life enough - I do not support or propose any vigilantly action.


Jess said...

A former child actor in trouble with the law?

What are the fucking chances of that?

Andrew Wice said...

Copyright infringement. I posted about Brian Bonsall, using those same two pictures, somewhere over a year ago. I believe it was in conjunction with a photo of his hardcore band playing in an empty parking lot at 11 AM.

You be pulling my scabs, MMman.

Muumuuman said...

I believe it was one year ago, and BBM posted about it first. You be pulling the scabs Andy. Besides, I thought this was IDYFT/Bonsall update blog.

Andrew Wice said...

I believe you mean Bonsall/IDYFT.

I always hated that little fucker. Why do you think I go by "Andrew" now?