Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey! I'm good at doing nothing!

I've heard hard working blue collar and white collar folks complain about all those farmers who the government pays not to grow crops. In 2005 25 billion dollars were paid out (50% more than welfare), with some lucky people receiving hundreds of thousands over a period of a decade - to do nothing. If that puts a bad taste in your hard working mouth (insert SSC joke here), Green Bay has offered Brett Favre 20 million to stay retired. Twenty million to not play. Listen Green Bay, trade him or play him. Is he's really so good that trading him would threaten your franchise to the tune of 20 million? Well, I'm going to say it. I have to say it. You can't bribe Brett Favre! BRETT FAVRE LOVES FOOTBALL. Like Oedipus loves his mom. Like Cyrano de Bergerac loves his cousin. Take the 20 million and pay the NFL announcers to stop saying "he's like a kid out there!" and start saying "the old man has lost a step that's for sure." Trade him to the Lions, he'll get pummeled behind that offensive line.

Favre rumors: Yahoo Sports
Farm Subsidies: Washington Post

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