Friday, July 04, 2008

Blogger Round-Up: Backscratching Edition

When the World Cup or Euro Cup is happening, we focus on Soccer Blogs. When there is nothing but mid-season baseball and Olympic Qualifying and MLS, we go look and see who has clicked over to us from other blogs, and then we do a Round-Up of those blogs.

The Big Lead would call that (quite rightly) a Blog Reach-Around. The boys over there are finding more C-List female talent to rate purely on their sex appeal. We still think that wrong, but we would still probably do Colleen Dominguez. They are also talking best Baseball Cap. Somehow, both the perfect Oriole Bird Cap and the majestic INTERTWINED Letters of the Minnesota Twins got left off the Top 5. We call (homerish) bullshit there.

Unprofessional Foul is starting a series that scratches one of our itches--General Management Rules that American sports can learn from European soccer. They start with Player Loans, which is a very fine place to start. I imagine will be seeing Transfers and Relegations (I'm looking at you, Kansas City Royals) in the near future. Preach On, Blogger Brother Man!

Rumors and Rants is predicting that some athlete totally bones some young Country Singer named Taylor Swift. Rumors and Rants wouldn't just predict it, of course--they are helpful lads. So they helpfully give odds, for your weird gambling pleasure. Curiously off the table: Tony Romo, who I'm pretty sure has it in his contract to bone young hot singers.

The Ladies...have always been a little nutty, a little crazy. Zany, madcap, if you will. But apparently they have taken on a Canadian, who cares about the CFL. Which would be ridiculous, and hilarious, but said Canadian dug out a quote from an owner of a CFL franchise that makes him into a huge dick. We agree with you, oh Dame of Extra Time--Football team owners do not need to go out of their way to remind the world they are white color collar.

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