Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hug the Panda: Favre vs Packers

Once upon a time, with the help of a drunken Chinaman, we coined a phrase, "Hugging the Panda"; it means loosely, "A good idea at first, but that rapidly descends into pain and regret."

Clearly, some entity that has spent time in Green Bay will be hugging the panda. Let's lay some odds, shall we?

I say that 8 times out of 10 it is Brett Favre who has hugged the Panda. He made a stink, he made it the wrong way, and he's probably looking at retirement. One can't help thinking that if he quietly asked for reinstatement and offered himself up to the Packers as trade bait, he had a good chance of getting his wish of playing for a winner. It is not as if the Falcons are deluding themselves into thinking they are one 38 year old QB from being successful--quick--name a moderately successful Atlanta WR!

Major Media is also got an 8 out of 10 Hugging the Panda level. I keep hearing about the Jets, like Favre would go there, and Tampa Bay (Gruden! Garcia unsigned!). No one seems to have noted yet that Tampa Bay plays Green Bay in the regular season. That's a dead-end road, friends.

If the idea of Favre playing for Minnesota twice is anathema, why is playing for Tampa Bay once, late in the season Okey-Dokey? It isn't? The sports media (Peter King!) is jerking off to some panda-hugging here.

The Packers have a very low Hugging the Panda quotient. I think they can evaulate talent, and I think Aaron Rodgers has had 3 years to learn, and show himself a putz, if he were one. I'm guessing he isn't, or the Packers would not be making all this noise. There's a good chance that Aaron Rodgers will be the best QB is the Central North this year.

Does that mean that Kitna, Tavaris Jackson, Orton/Rex are all hugging the Panda? Yeah, it kinda does. Watch out for Detroit GM Matt Millen--he make hug the panda, and then Rape it, and then claim the Panda wanted it.

(my metaphor is spinning away from me, here)

Simply put--With or without Favre, the Packers have the Best QB is their Division. They will not trade Favre to a team in their division, and they will not trade him to a team they play, on the off chance he makes that team great.

There is really only one team that is willing to risk to ug the panda, and Favre, and not play the Green Bay Packers in the regular season. I expect Favre to be wearing Burgundy and Gold, or to be re-retired by September


Muumuuman said...

I remember last year, the press asked Lions players if they'd rather have number four or Kitna leading the way... So Lions - now you may have a choice. Still want the career sub 50% winning QB or 13-3 Favre?

Lucy Rhode said...

Burgundy and Gold? Send that boy back to school! He'd do well at FSU. *wink*

He'd fit in with the Kappa Alphas, I think.

I wonder which classes a 38-year old Favre might choose?

Upon his second-chance graduation, the Packers could draft a 43-year old Bretty-boy.

I'm just thinking of his Wisconsin-based lady fans. Half of my WI staffers have entered therapy over this great hugging of the panda.

Come on NCAA, do it for the girls who eat cheese.

Lucy Rhode said...

And yes, former FSU matriculant Lucy does know that FSU is garnet and gold, but take the leap.